Featured in this photography gallery are photographs of Mountain Goats, Big Horn Sheep, Horses, Coyotes, our Cat Blossom , Chipmunk, Moose, Elk, Rhinos, Marmots, Pigs, Sheep, a Frog, a Turtle, Giant Pandas, Koalas, and Kangaroo.  Photos here were taken from the diverse locations from Australia to the top of Mt Evans, Colorado, to the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. The photos of the Coyotes were taken during a snowstorm in Rocky Mountain National Park.  Prints of the Animals in this Gallery are available for purchase. Please view our selection of Animal Prints in our On-Line-Store.
Please click on a thumbnail below to view larger photos of the animals..
Adult Mountain Goat Baby Mountain Goats Baby Mountain Goats Blossom Baby Moose
Chipmunk Cold Horse Cow Cows in a Blizard Coyote
Coyote Coyotes Coyotes Coyote Elk Herd
Elk Herd Elk Elk Frog Wart Hog
Horse Horse Kangeroo-Joey Koala Koalas Sleeping
Koala Koala Adult & Baby Mountain Goats Mare & Foal Moose
Moose Mountain Goats Yellow Bellied  Marmot Yellow Bellied  Marmot Adult Mountain Goat
Adult Mountain Goat Big Horn Sheep Giant Panda Giant Pandas Pigs Weld County Fair
Rhinos Elk Sheep Weld County Fair Turtle Close up Turtle

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